Thursday, November 17, 2011

Choose your favourite topic: a) this lizard, living on the banks of Miljacka river or; b) the assassination of Franz Ferdinand; or c) the siege of Sarajevo?

The Balkans

Almost any thought, any fantasy, any picture about the Balkans is a clichè. All the chauvinist labels like "there wouldn`t be Europe without the Balkans", all the stories about the blood-thirsty, but oh-how-nice people, about Balkanese hospitality, sense of humour, whatever, do not only refer to the fact that the Balkans don`t exist, but say it`s more important to understand the need for reconsideration of the concept of Europe. I don`t think that such reconsideration would come from social and political grounds only - in such cases it would be an exchange of power and equalizations in consumerism, everything driven by progress fetish in urban context. It is about reducing the desire for power and rethinking welfare. The only positive programme i have is the rhetorics of landscape - to make human activity follow the language of nature. In the future there will be an utopian borderless post-Schengen condition, where all the human culture related problems are solved by the language of nature, and the only borders would be natural borders. The infrastructures will be completely different - sotries about aeroplanes and autobahns will remain in fairy tales. It should be taken as a symptom that in today`s fairy tales, we meet Balkanese men with long tails, and stories about how they in the Balkans kill rats! The exploitation (ironic or not - whatever!) of chauvinist ideology and the patronizing balkanization in favor or art production is still no 1 hit in contemporary artworld.