Friday, September 16, 2011

Slovakia. The change of landscape paradigm is measurable already on the way to Bratislava. It is the area of tilia cordata (area, where slavic and germanic cultures meet) and smelly forests of pinus sylvestris.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All rivers are connected with each other. If you dive deep into Danube and listen to the thousands of tones coming from thousands of rivers, you can hear the weak sound of Emajõgi aswell. It is right in the middle of Danube, in the very bottom, where the water is dark and muddy. In this darkness you can meet your internal forms, the electricity.

The landscape around Vienna seems to be a non-place, a buffer zone, scaffolding for the Carpathians and the Carpathian basin, the Alps and the Balkans. It is fusion landscape. Benedikt was right, it`s a zone for raurakl.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Landscape view to the east from Vienna. Behind those hills you can imagine endless steppes and nomads travelling with their cattle. There are sunflower fields and blue skies above it, and black sea behind it all, even behind the sky. Iron curtains used to be like radiation that you cannot sense anyhow. Now the curtains have turned into fundamental paradigms of Europe or the entire world. The face of these paradigms is the landscape. This is the typical border area between east and west, the end of germanic landscape paradigm (the end of green beech forests and Alps, the end of dwarves, jodelkönigs, bratwurst and pumpernickel, etc). The border area is wide and diverse. It is not a straight flatland nor a hilly area, it is more like a non-place, where identity searches for host, where desires are constantly travelling.
Here and there you can face everything - imperialist architecture, grapeyards, garden dwarfs, raurakls, little mozarts singing in the moonlight, the last dwarf digging gold and pumpernickel from ground, populus trees, enormous Donau, etc. Some days ago i found a huge plastic bag full of white paprikas in the bus station of Südtiroler platz. Possibly signifying the presence of the Balkans. It is possible that all the dwarf legends come from the Balkan mountains. The little people working in mountain mines. The multicultural history of Vienna is long. It is the zone of the metamorphosis of dwarf. From now on i will start posting the material proof.

An evil dwarf from my home street